Notable Imprint keeps it simple – for you

We’ve been in the business for over 25 years. Our experience, know-how and networks help us to get a grip on your project right from the start saving you time and money. We keep it simple so you don’t have to deal with the complex issues.


Meet The Team

Nick Gormley :: Owner and Sales Director

Nick’s not a handy man, in his own words he’s ‘about as handy as a heart attack’, but he could plan, direct and organise his way through the labyrinth and still find time to make you a mean hot chocolate. Nick’s wife calls him 'gourmet gormley' because ham and cheese toasties are his favourite meal. Nick started out in the printing industry over a quarter of a century ago (yes, he is that old) with an apprenticeship in graphic reproduction (no, that position doesn’t exist anymore). When Nick began his career in 1986 the industry had been the same for more than 100 years, it hasn’t stopped changing since. Nick’s success has come down to his willingness to adapt and embrace technology and the opportunities it presents. Nick is a Crohn’s disease survivor. He lives with it and refuses to allow it to rule his life. He is super reliable; read: completely obsessed with time and routine, so don’t expect him to dilly dally on your job, he’ll have worked out all the tricky details before you’ve had time to finish your hot choc.

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Louisa Gormley :: Creative Director

A marketing girl, turned designer come blogger, Louisa has her finger in lots of pies, but loves vintage cheddar and quince paste a lot more than pie. She’s a creative creature on a mission to stamp out boring, a personal philosophy she infuses into every project she takes on. She’s a quirky shoe fetishist and a magazine whore-der with a penchant for British soaps and beautiful design. One of her best attributes is her ability to relate to others and think outside the square. This really shines through when she’s brainstorming with clients and delving into the possibilities of a new brand. Louisa is a dedicated city girl who is as surprised as anyone that she’s found her happy place living in a small seaside town. She will let you know the difference between serif and sans, and yes they are yellow shoes she’s wearing.

Amanda Fairman :: Graphic Designer

Amanda hates coffee but loves minties. If she’s not eating minties, or having a moment, she’s creating beautiful design solutions that will make your marketing sing. Amanda came to join us after completing an advanced diploma in advertising and graphic design, and boy are we glad she did. We love her because a) she always has minties, b) she’s a really good listener – mostly of awesome music, and c) she’s a perfectionist who cultivates and delivers a consistent aesthetic for brands across integrated campaigns. Amanda’s knack for finding balance between form and function means your designs will always start off on the right foot. Beyond that, her comprehension of design standards and information communication possibilities makes us blush. When she’s not designing, you definitely wont find her contacting schoolbooks for her three kids. That’s so 1989.

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How We Can Help You

We work with print and graphic design clients all over South Australia, from large and small businesses. We’re equally at home mentoring the print newbie or finding solutions to complex creative challenges for advertising print production managers.  

Print management: No time to get quotes from printers and source eco-friendly paper stock for your annual reports, marketing booklets and so on? We manage the whole process – from beginning to end. We make the complex simple so you can get on with the things you’re really good at, like growing your business.

Online print: We set up your templates for business cards, letterhead, brochures and flyers, so all you need to do is order online using the customised template (or send us a print-ready pdf). It's easy, quick and cost effective, winning!

Graphic design: We offer professional graphic design at small-business prices. Make your business stand out from your competitors with consistent and professional design on your business cards, letterhead and sales brochures.

Direction and advice: We’ll help you choose the correct stock, the best printing process and the right typeface to suit your budget, then we’ll give you options so you know what’s possible.

Want to have a chat?

Give us a call on 08 8552 2000 or email us to see how we can help with your graphic design and printing needs. Our customers love us, which is why they keep coming back, year after year. Check out what they’re saying about us here.